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What’s the point of having a blog? Blogs help people to discover what you and your business are about. Your expertise, your interests, your personality can all shine through. Posts can be easily shared and re-shared on social media, linking people back to you and your website. They are a great medium to engage with people who are thinking of using your product or service but want to learn more first.

Real estate copy

A buyer’s first impression is usually well formed before they’ve visited a property through the listing. You’ve got the professional images, so why leave the copy to chance? Invest in copy that works hand-in-hand with the images to attract the right buyers. I will turn your copy around in 48 hours based on either an in-person visit or from photographs.


Do you need articles for a magazine, newsletter or online publication? My job is to be curious about your topic, research it, and write about it. I can write educational, promotional, or profile pieces. Either you provide the topics or I can provide some suggested topics to engage with your audience.

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