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Blog Posts

What’s the point of having a blog? Blogs help people to discover what you and your business are about. Your expertise, your interests, your personality can all shine through. Posts can be easily shared and re-shared on social media, linking people back to you and your website. They are a great medium to engage with people who are thinking of using your product or service but want to learn more first.

Real estate copy

A buyer’s first impression is usually well formed before they’ve visited a property through the listing. You’ve got the professional images, so why leave the copy to chance? Invest in copy that works hand-in-hand with the images to attract the right buyers. I will turn your copy around in 48 hours based on either an in-person visit or from photographs.


Do you need articles for a magazine, newsletter or online publication? My job is to be curious about your topic, research it, and write about it. I can write educational, promotional, or profile pieces. Either you provide the topics or I can provide some suggested topics to engage with your audience.

Social media

Hang out where your customers hang out. Get your social media happening with some ready-to-go social media posts. Start conversations with your customers, spike their interest and show them what you’re all about.

LinkedIn profiles

If you’re like most people, it’s pretty tricky to write about yourself. And there’s a few tricks of the trade to really optimise your profile and ensure it both reads well and is seen. Let’s chat about how your profile can showcase your talent and achievements and position you for that next opportunity.



Got something different in mind? I’d love to hear about your next project and how I might be able to help. If I’m not able to help I often connect people with someone who can via my extensive network.

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